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JCBS (Jacobs Token)
In contrast with the conventional financial services seeking primarily shareholders’ maximum profits, our financial services are in pursuit of not only profits to remain as a sustainable financial institute but also fulfilling social responsibility under the corporate policy at the same time.

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JCBS Introduction
Implications and Goals of Jacobs 


Implications of Jacobs

Jacobs is an abbreviation for Jacob’s sheep, which is in the story of Jacob in Genesis, the Bible. While Jacob served as a shepherd for greedy cousin under unfair contract, he made a great fortune and became independent and rich with speckled and spotted sheep received as contracted wage out of cousin’s herd of sheep. Jacob is a figure well-known to not only in Israel and Middle-East but also globally.
In this context, JCBS(Jacobs token) and its blockchain system aim to become indepent with great riches together with those who suffer from hunger and poverty in the world.

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Goals of Jacobs 

Firstly, we provide financial services via Jacobs Wallet, with which all citizens of all countries can conveniently engage in the economic activities.

Secondly, we make investment to the corporations that can come up with a model ensuring human right for living while satisfying economic development.

Thirdly, a portion of financial service fees shall be transferred to those who suffered from hunger and poverty.

Fourthly, we provide blockchain-technology based international procurement system, which can reduce the waste of expenses during the project period and raise integrity and reliability.

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Jacobs Finance System and Profit Model

Integrated Platform of Electronic Wallet, Exchange & Shopping Mall

JCBS(Jacobs token) is used in the Jacobs Wallet. Integrated Jacobs Wallet is comprised of electronic wallet, token/coin exchange and shopping mall, which facilitates mobile users’ economic activities. One of the core values of integrated platform that Jacobs pursues is to come up with the lowest fees associated with business partners in the shopping mall and individuals for remittance and exchange.

Jacobs Finance System and Profit Model

P2P Financial Service & Money-for-Living System

Modern finance makes investment where it is more lucrative rather than where it is needed. When the economy is bad, financiers tend to request repayment instead of making further investment. Nonetheless, there are different type of investors and supporters putting more emphasis on the profits together with social values rather than seeking profit only.

Jacobs financial services basically provides a platform, matching investors with firms such that investment is made. Jacobs financial platform shall review primarily firm’s social values and subsequently evaluate sustainability of business and carring out its corporate social responsibility(CSR). On top of that, Jacobs shall run a program reinforcing the platform participants’ competence through continuous consulting and education. And Jacobs shall share outcomes (social values, corporate values, and consulting results) with investors to help make investment decision.

Money-for-Living System charges the poorest’s coin with a portion of the fees generated from the Jacobs wallet platform and financial services.

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Jacobs Finance System and Profit Model

International Procurement System

Jacobs’s international procurement system is a decentralized blockchain-based system where responsible controller of the system is neither individual nor legal entity. This is to reduce costs and to secure reliability by thorough management when supporting construction, services, goods, etc. in the third countries with donations or investments from institutions and individuals.

ManagementDocument required for International Quality Management System(ISO9001) procedures shall be stored and managed in the blocks under the smart contract algorithm.

QualitySpecifications of materials used for manufacturing are verifiable.

Verification : Investor/Supporter can check the entire flow of goods, materials, and progress of project executed in the third countries.

Bidding : Blockchain-based bidding system ensures fair and inexpensive contract.


Jacobs Token Information
Token Information

  • Title of Token       Jacobs

  • Abbreviation for Token​      JCBS

  • Token Issuance     Solana based Token

  • Issue Volume      5,000,000,000 JCBS

  • Unit of Token      9th decimal places


  • Contract Address    JCBSxd9TAecuG6JN68kSFgvUoLLWqpXaJH8VqFXrvjtj   

        *Official notice will be anounnced when policy supporting purposes occur.

Token Allocation Plan

  • Inner Major Group        2,500,000,000 JCBS

  • General User            500,000,000 JCBS

  • E-commerce          1,000,000,000 JCBS

  • Business Promotion      1,000,000,000 JCBS


  • Total          5,000,000,000 JCBS

         ※ Please refer to the white paper for detailed information on the distribution of funds.

Token Info



Executive & Team
Jacobs Team 

Song, Ju-Young

Marketing Team Leader

Coin Marketing specialist

Master of Entrepreneurship and Venture Business, Korea Univ.

Lee, Sung - Jae


CEO of Mbank Co., Ltd

Former) Director of Information System and Director of Audit Office in the Saehan Merchant Banking Corp., a subsidiary of State-run Korea Development Bank

Jacobs Cooperative Company 


Micah Healing Center and many churchs and mission organizations

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